FAQ for Sleep Now!
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Author:  AndroidMod [ Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:19 am ]
Post subject:  FAQ for Sleep Now!

Q: I can't connect to the sound server.
A: While most people don't have problems, I have received reports from a few people about not being able to download any sounds. They get stuck already at the first sound. I am working on a solution.

Q: Can you combine Gentle Alarm and Sleep Now?
A: Yes, I will. This is definitely the direction but I don't know when it will happen.

Q: Can I use Sleep Now for sounds to fall asleep to and the night display of Gentle Alarm?
A: Yes, you need to set an actual sleep program though. Don't do this with the "SleepNow!" quick program because that one doesn't turn off. Do this:
  • Start your sleep program in Sleep Now! You probably only want the "relaxing" phase, or maybe the sleep phase too. However, make sure that your sleep program will end before Gentle Alarm will ring its alarm.
  • While SleepNow is playing, use the home button (or the notification icon of GA) to go to GA.
  • Do not play any sounds in GA. Just go to the night display.
  • That's it. Sleep now should finish silently in the background and you have the night display all night and GA will wake you up.

Just a brief note: this doesn't work with the current version but will work with one of the next updates, latest 1.0.

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